Fresh and clean air


  • Central air-conditioning plant
    Central air-conditioning plant
  • Redundant supply-air system
    Redundant supply-air system
  • Natural ventilation
    Natural ventilation

All components are precisely adapted to your specific framework conditions, because a complex ventilation system is more than the sum of all its parts.

Modern concepts in planning and realization have made us what we are today: specialists for industrial ventilation technology.
An effective ventilation system enhances your productivity, increases your employees' working morale and reduces wastage and failure rates.

Our mission is to improve workplace conditions and thus to contribute to environmental engineering.

  • Natural and mechanical ventilation
  • Air conditioning such as filtering, humidification and dehumidification
  • Heat recovery
  • Smoke and heat removal (SHEVS/smoke protection pressure systems)
  • Integration of the ventilation system into the building concept and/or the production process
over seventy-five years of experience
more than a hundred employees
more than eight hundred projects worldwide